GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund

A special real estate mutual fund, which is intended for all those who want to increase the return of their property by investing in real estate.

Where do we invest?

Primarily in real estate:

  • the purchase of stake in real estate companies that own real estate,
  • by buying shares in other real estate funds.

Secondarily in other assets:

  • shares, bonds and other financial market instruments.

The fund may also reasonable use the financial derivatives for return purposes as well as for risk hedging purposes.


They are the result of good financial management. They come into the fund in the form of:

  • rental income,
  • interests, dividends and capital growth of investments.

Thanks to that the value of the fund assets and your investments increase. The fund will not pay dividends on an ongoing basis, but as a shareholder you may request the redemption of shares at any time. We calculate their price twice a month.

Fund certificate

  • Name of the fund: GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund, o.p.f., GOLDSIDE Asset Management Company, Inc.
  • Short name of the fund: GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund
  • Fund type: Open mutual fund created as a public special real estate fund
  • Asset manager: GOLDSIDE Asset Management Company, asset management company, Inc.
  • Auditor: KPMG Slovensko LLC
  • Fund depositary: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Risk-return profile 3 (on a scale of 1 to 7)
  • Investment horizon minimum 3 years
  • Entry fee maximum 2 %
  • Exit fee maximum 1 %
  • Management fee 1%
  • Performance fee 20 % of the fund’s return
  • Minimum investment from 20 Euros
  • Account number for investing in the GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund mutual fund: SK5211110000001567602015

Fund’s price chart


Value of 1 share: 0,110633 EUR
NAV* of the fund: 9 776 308,13 EUR
– for 1 month: 0,45 %
– for 3 months: 1,55 %
– for 6 months: 2,65 %
– for 1 year: 4,56 %
– Year-to-date (YTD): 4,27 %
– since launch (25. 10. 2019): 5,25 % p.a.

*NAV – Net asset value

Projects in the fund

solcany projekt vo fonde

The first investment of the GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund is a production and logistics hall with administration belonging to the real estate company Solčany Properties, a.s. with a rentable area of 13,750 square meters.

Documents to download

WARNING: Returns from investment in mutual funds achieved in the past are not a guarantee of future returns. Investments in mutual funds involve differing degrees of risk which depend on the specific investment policy and the strategy of the mutual fund. The value of the investment in the mutual fund, as well as its return, may rise or fall and the shareholder may not receive the full amount invested. The investment policy’s objective may not be achieved. The asset manager does not guarantee achievement of the investment policy’s objective in any way.